Delivered an End-to-End Solution

FinTech Startup that offers simple peer-to-peer payments and credit

It uses blockchain technology to offer a trackable and fully transparent fund deployment

It creates social impact through entrepreneurship


Develop multiple products and services to engage customers, both investors and borrowers, into mutual interaction using Moeda's criptocurrency token.

My role

 Lead UX Designer and Researcher

Conduct insight-driven research to understand what the problem space is, why the problem exists, and where opportunities lie.


Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Sense Intent

To identify potential opportunities for innovation and form initial hypotheses. The goal here is to provide sufficient early direction for research and exploration.

Convergence Map

Visualizing converging fields and seeing opportunities for innovation at the overlaps

(for confidentiality reasons, the convergence map has been blurred)

Know Context

To gain full understanding of the surrounding conditions in which the actions happen. It is in this changing context that innovation offerings (products, services, experiences) need to work to be successful.

Interviews and Surveys

Talking with field experts to learn about latest developments and possible futures

Know People

Knowing people is about gaining an empathic understanding of people's thoughts, feelings, and needs by listening, observing, interacting, and analyzing. Immersing yourself in people's daily lives can reveal valuable insights.

Immersive fieldwork

Getting direct contact with people, places and things. Documenting people and their activities in their context to reveal insights.

Sample video of ethnographic fieldwork (with subtitles)

Frame Insights

Beginning to make sense of all that we have learned from the real world and start to extract key insights out of large, fuzzy data sets.

User Journey Map

Mapping the user's journey through the context

Analysis Workshop

Conducting a work session to understand insights, find patterns, and make frameworks for ideation.

Explore Concepts

Generating concepts of clear value in that space; and continually communicating those explorations both internally and externally through effective storytelling

Persona Definition

Defining user personalities for exploring concepts around them

Ideation Session

Conducting structured sessions to generate concepts based on defined insights and principles.

Concept Prototype

Embodying concept in tangible forms to get feedback from users.

(for confidentiality reasons, the prototype can not be shown)

Frame Solutions

Integrating concepts into synergic solutions, connecting them with each other to make systems-level solutions that meet desired design criteria or principles. The focus is also on making judgments about which concept and combinations of concepts bring most value to the insights and principles generated in the previous modes.

Solution Diagramming

Diagramming to think through solutions and to show how solutions work

Guide Product Team Organization

Guiding the product team to adopt the Lean UX technique. Unifying developers and designers in the Agile process of product development.

Lean UX within Agile Environment

In a mature product there is lots of user feedback coming in, which does wonderful job of driving the iterative cycle that powers Lean UX. That's why is the industry standard on almost any established product team.

Lean UX within an Agile environment, by Dave Landis